The vapers, as well as the anti-vape activists, are willing to quit in California. This has led to the failure of flavor-banning bills as well as a statement, CA SB 793, that is still bouncing around during the legislature.

The California SB 793 law is a bill that tried to introduce a ban on flavor using a method of legislative approval, which made it impossible to be considered for a vote of the people. After having been approved by various committees and being adopted by Newsom, it was to go into effect on January 1, 2021.

However, determined vapers managed to get enough signatures to vote for an election regarding the legislation. Sixty-three,212 signatures were required for the referendum, despite fires, COVID, and a generally chaotic year; an estimated 1,023,529 people signed in support of the repeal of SB 793. Instead of a ban on flavors at the beginning of January, this question of flavor bans will probably be put up for a popular ballot in the 2022 election.

However, for California users, SB 793 is separate from the tax increase on nicotine that is part of Gavin Newsom’s budget plan. While flavored vapes that are subject to the active PMTA process will remain accessible, they’ll be costly. In addition, this won’t alter any states that have decided to ban flavor vapes prior to the statewide prohibition, for instance, San Francisco.

A big thank you to everyone who voted for the referendum and also collected signatures. It’s an extremely long-running struggle that is expected to continue for at least two years. In 2022, all citizens must go out and vote. Stay safe, and continue fighting!

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