NEW TO VAPING? Check out our glossary of vape terminology!

We at Ruthless Vapor strive to give you as much information as possible about vaping. You may feel a bit lost if you’re new to the world of vaporizers and e-cigarettes. This vape glossary will hopefully be helpful!

AAdapter allows parts not intended for the cigarette to be attached to a device. A battery that is different from the standard model would be an example.

ADV: This stands for ‘All Day Vape,’ and is an eLiquid that a vaper will happily vape for a long period.

AFS: An auto-feed system.

Analog: Slang for a tobacco cigarette. Always use the American spelling.

Aerosol is the technical term for the vapor that comes out of an electronic cigarette. Aerosol is water droplets, whereas vapor is invisible.

APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer): Usually consists of a separate tank, Atomizer, and battery.

Atomizer: This is the main component of an e-cigarette. It converts eLiquid into vapor.

Atty is a slang term for Atomizer.

Automatic: An e-cigarette type that is activated by inhalation rather than pressing a button (a manual).

Auto Shutoff: This safety feature automatically shuts down the device if it detects overheating.

Atomizer Wick: Small mesh ‘Bridges’ that help to move e-liquid to the Atomizer.

Batteries: These power the atomizers that turn the eLiquids into vapor. Batteries are either rechargeable or for one-time use.

The battery is called a Batt.

Base Liquid is the base mixture that other ingredients are then added to to create an e-liquid. This is usually composed of VG and PG.

Base Mix: This liquid is the base with Nicotine added. The user can add flavorings to the base liquid as desired.

Battery Cutoff: Most automatic batteries have a battery cutoff that prevents them from burning out. The cutoff may be activated at 6-12 seconds.

Blanks: Cartridges with only filler, which the user can then fill up with eLiquid.

Box Mod: An APV with a square shape. These APVs are more powerful than tube versions.

Bridge: Atomizer Wick is also known as the bridge.

Cartridge: The cartridge is the part of the electronic cigarette that holds the liquid.

Cartridge: Cartridge is a slang term.

Carton: A device that combines an atomizer with a cartridge.

Cartomizer: Also known as Carto.

Clouds: The vapor generated by an electronic cigarette.

Cloud chaser: Vapers who are trying to achieve the largest vapor cloud.

The coil is located in the Atomizer and heats the eLiquid.

Cig-alike: An e-cigarette type that looks similar to a regular cigarette.

Custom Mod: An APV/PV that is made by hand and usually consists of household items.

Charger: A device used to recharge an electronic cigarette.

You can also find out more about the D.
DNA Mod: A cigarette that has a DNA circuitry board to control voltage and wattage. Evolv Vapor produces the DNA chip.

Deep Lung: This is a style of vaping that involves taking a long drag and inhaling the vapor directly into the lungs.

Dripping is a method to add e-liquid into the Atomizer. The user drips directly on the coil. Many believe that it produces a better taste and vapor production.

Drip tip: This type of tip replaces the standard information and allows for dripping directly onto the Atomizer.

Draw: This is the equivalent of the term “Drag” used for standard cigarettes. The process of drawing air into an electronic cigarette is called the draw.

Dry Burn: This is the process of drawing with your e-cigarette when there is no liquid in the cartridge.

E-Cig is an abbreviation for electronic cigarettes.

E-cigarette is an abbreviation for electronic cigarettes.

E-liquid: Another term for ejuice.

E-liquid is the main term for the liquid that is vaporized by an electronic cigarette.

E-Pipe: An atomizer that looks like a pipe. Below is an example.

E-pipe Example

E-smoking is a general term for electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigar: A device that resembles a cigar.

eGo is a popular electronic cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette (EC): This is the main term for the device used to heat eLiquid, resulting in a vapor that can be inhaled.

Filler: Absorbent substance found in a cartridge. It helps deliver eLiquid without flooding the Atomizer.

Flavorings are used to enhance the taste of e-liquids. Many liquids attempt to create flavors that are similar to well-known foods or drinks.

Flooding can occur when liquids reach the Atomizer in excess.

French Hit: Vaping method whereby the vapor is exhaled from the Mouth and then inhaled via the nose. Also called ‘Mouth to lung hit.’

High Resistance (HR), also known as a high resistance atomizer, is used to vape at high voltages.

Hybrid mode: Also called hybrid at times. These e-cigarettes have the Atomizer, battery, and charger all in one unit. They look sleek and clean. They are often produced in short production runs.

Juice: The term for e-Liquid.

Kick: A term used to describe the throat sensation experienced when vaping.

When too much liquid has been added to the cartridge, it can cause leakage. Fluid may leak into the battery and cause damage.

Li-on is the abbreviation for lithium-ion battery.

Low Resistance (LR), also known as Low Resistance Atomizers, is a device that produces low-voltage vaping. This method produces more vapor but requires more battery power.

LED stands for light emitting Diode. The light at the end is an e-cigarette to simulate a traditional cigarette.

Liquid is a term that describes e-Liquid.

MAH: Abbreviation for milliampere hour, a term used to describe the capacity of a battery to store energy.

Manual: An electronic cigarette type that is activated by pressing a button.

Mechanical Modification: Also called a Mech Mod. These contain no electrical components.

Abbreviation for milligram strength in milliliters. MG is used to measure the strength of Nicotine in e-liquid. The power of Red Vapes eLiquids ranges from 0mg up to 20mg.

Mesh: A cover made of stainless steel for the bridge of an atomizer.

Menthol is derived from peppermint, and it’s used in both traditional cigarettes and e-liquids. Menthol has a long-lasting, fresh taste.

Mini: A term to describe smaller e-cigarette models.

Mod: Modifications abbreviation. Electronic cigarettes that the user has modified.

French Hit is also known as Mouth to lung hit.

Nicotine: A nicotine-containing substance found in tobacco, which is added to liquids in order to mimic the effects of traditional cigarettes.

Nic: Nicotine is referred to as a slang word.

Nic Juice is a slang term for e-liquid containing Nicotine.

OHM: A measurement of electrical resistance

A device that plugs directly into a USB and bypasses the battery. The user can vape without having to worry about the battery.

Pen Style: This is one of the many different types of electronic cigarettes. They look like a pen and are small and thin.

PEG: An abbreviation for Polyethylene Glycol. This is a common ingredient in e-liquids.

Polyethylene Glycol (PG): This is one of the main base materials used in eLiquids.

Polyfil is the standard filler that many manufacturers use in their cartridges.

Resistance: Electrical resistance of an atomizer.

Advanced vapers use rebuildables. They refer to tanks or atomizers that allow you to replace coils and wicks.

Silica is the most common material for wicks.

Smoke Juice is a term used to describe eLiquid.

E-cigarettes are also known as smokeless cigarettes.

Starter Kits are packages that many e-cigarettes offer, which include everything you need to get started vaping.

Steeping: A process that matures an eLiquid by exposing the ingredients to air and allowing them to settle.

Sub-ohming is a technique used by experienced vaporizers to produce large vapor clouds.

Tailpipe: Inhale directly from the Atomizer without using a mouthpiece.

Tank: A plastic or glass chamber that contains the eLiquid.

Throat hit: The sensation that occurs when the vapor touches the back of your throat. Many users enjoy recreating the throat hit of traditional cigarettes.

TPD: Abbreviation of the Tobacco Products Directive.

USB Passthrough: A device that can be connected directly to a USB port in order to provide power or recharge.


Vaper: A person who uses electronic cigarettes.

Vaping/Vaping is the practice of using electronic cigarettes.

Vape Liquid is a term used to describe electronic liquid.

Vapor is the cloud created by electronic cigarettes.

Vape Butter is the name for the residue that can accumulate on atomizers due to overfilling.

Vegetable Glycerol (VG) or Glycerine: One of two main base substances that are used to make e-liquids.

Variable Voltage: This feature allows the user to change the voltage of their device.

Variable Wattage: This feature allows the user to change the wattage of their device.

Wadding is another name for the liquid-filled cartridges.

Wick: Made of silica, wicks help the liquid flow to the Atomizer.

Zero-Nic: An e-Liquid that contains a Nicotine Level of 0mg.

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