Australia is taking steps to create vapes that require a prescription only. Just a few weeks ago, the government announced laws that would restrict the use of liquids, which gave vapers and medical professionals just two weeks to make. This legislation was delayed until January 2021. Recently, the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) has released additional information regarding what the proposed bill will appear like, as well as being open to public comment.

It is currently illegal to buy vape liquids without a prescription. Each order must contain three months’ worth of drinks to use for personal purposes at the most. The majority of vapers didn’t take the time to obtain a prescription or comply with the import restrictions. It was well-known that the limits weren’t strictly enforced.

It is what the Australian government would like to do st:art taking action to enforce the restrictions in place now, beginning in January 2021. The current vapers will need an e-cigarette prescription in order to continue smoking. In addition, Colin Mendelsohn, the founder of the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association, has stated that customs rules are set to be altered so that even with a prescription, vapers will not be able to purchase their e-liquids for personal use.

“Getting a prescription” is not as straightforward as it seems. Vapers first need to find a doctor willing to prescribe e-liquids and are knowledgeable enough about vaping to avoid writing an absurd prescription.

The strength and quantity of juice that a person needs isn’t easy. There’s a reason there are a lot of articles on how to choose what power to use in your e-liquid. A doctor who has never smoked prescribes an e-liquid, which will result in many dissatisfied vapers.

In addition, many doctors don’t appear to be concerned about prescribing liquids. A mere eight general physicians have expressed an interest in prescribing vapes. They might be required to be licensed to prescribe these vapes. It is also worth noting that the Pharmacy Guild has also stated that it has no interest in promoting vapor products.

Contrary to what you might think, cigarettes remain legally available and can be purchased by adults at stores. That’s the most frustrating aspect of the majority of anti-vape laws that include Australia. All who are vapers, even smokers looking to stop, do not have the motivation to give up smoking cigarettes since they’re far more readily available.

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