It’s okay if you haven’t heard about this holiday; it is brand new in Australia. This first Aussie Vape Day is the day before World No Tobacco Day on May 31.

This day is more than a time to celebrate a vaping lifestyle. IT’S ABOUT EQUIPPING PEOPLE.

The “Land Down Under” aims to reduce tobacco use and provide legal access to less harmful methods. The Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association, a well-known health charity, created this day.

The public was invited to attend the launch party in Sydney on May 30, 2019. Vape-related and fun activities were on the list. Attendees were able to enjoy free sausages, lung checks, and the chance to meet other vapers. There were also guides for smokers looking for guidance on vaping for the first time.

The opportunity to meet the new staff at ATHRA was also available. The board is made up of doctors, professors, and addiction specialists who care deeply about public health. The event was a great opportunity to educate doctors about vaping and how to prescribe nicotine for people who wish to stop smoking cigarettes.

The creation of a positive space for vape education is a major step in the right direction.

This vape event may have a positive impact on the rest of the country. Many people will be willing to try vaping and give up toxic cigarettes.

A highly cited study by the School of Geographical Sciences at the University of Bristol found that smoking one cigarette can shorten a man’s lifespan by 11 minutes. Aussie Vape Day and other events that promote awareness are important. Each time someone gives up a cigarette, they extend their life.

New studies confirm that smokers who are trying to quit cigarettes find e-cigarettes very effective, especially with younger crowds (SOCIETY for the STUDY of Addiction).

Vape is generally attacked on the basis that it’s a gateway to smoking combustible cigarettes, with a focus on banning flavors. This is not true, as explained in the video. The population is turning away from traditional cigarettes. Smokers can move away from conventional cigarettes with events like Aussie Vape Day. They are given a friendly and educational environment to offer alternatives.

What do you think about Australia’s first Aussie Vape Day? Would an event such as this that educates people about vaping help smokers in your area? Please let us know via social media. Tag your posts #Aussievapeday in order to show your support.

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