6 Vaping Products Disguised as Everyday Items

  • There’s a wide range of vaping products that companies sell online which are designed to look like ordinary things. Teens use these products to keep their vaping secret from teachers and parents.
  • More than 1,200 vaping-related lung injuries have been recorded throughout the United States. About 15 percent of these cases involved children under 18 years old.
  • There were 26 confirmed deaths as a result of the injuries.

Teens today are using various devices that permit users to smoke cigarettes undetected, even under the radar of teachers and parents.

These vaping devices usually appear to be ordinary household items like writing pens, watches, or even clothes.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has noticed. Today, The FDA announced that Trusted Source had issued ten warning letters to businesses that produce or export “unauthorized electronic nicotine delivery systems.”

They include sweatshirts with “stealth pockets” and clothing designed to look like smartwatches, pens, and toys like fidget spinners.

Here are some details on a few of the most popular devices for stealth vaping.


Hooded sweatshirts are ordinary for teen clothes, so they shouldn’t cause suspicion if your teenager is seen for breakfast sporting a brand-new sweatshirt however it could.

Vape Hoodies are a common way to conceal vape pens, which allows teens to use vape at any time and even in school without being noticed.

To use it, users must place the vape pen in the middle of one of the hoodies’ specially-designed drawstrings with tubes. Then, the cell is slipped into a concealed pocket on the chest, and users take a breath through a mouthpiece on the other side drawn. This permits the smoke released from the pen to be secluded within its tube.


Today, backpacks are more than just a means of carrying laptops and books for school. They also can conceal teen smoking.

Vaping backpacks typically include bags to store the device, which is concealed tube and a mouthpiece inside the shoulder strap that allows it to be removed to be used as needed and then hidden away.

Phone cases

With smartphones being within many teenagers’ pockets, you might not consider buying an updated phone case. However, you should be conscious that their latest purchase can also conceal a smoking habit.

Cases for vaping phones fit on phones similar to a regular point, but with one significant difference: You can attach an atomizer and use e-liquids to vape.


Although many vape pens are classified as “pens” simply because their shape and size closely resemble pen shapes, there are vape pens specifically made to look similar to pen-shaped pens to disguise their actual purpose.

In reality, vape pens are available, designed to be a writing tool. All users have to do is unwind the pen cap, insert an empty cartridge, and then vaporize from the cap.


Although they look like intelligent watches at first glance and can even show the date and time, pressing one button can allow the wearer to take a pod off the watchband, which can then be used to vape.

USB drives

Devices like those from the Juul brand of e-cigarettes, similar to a USB drive, are the most popular method for teenagers to conceal their smoking.

All they have to do is throw it into their backpacks, and parents need to be made aware that it isn’t just a USB drive that contains the data required to complete their homework.


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